Construction has taken a long, long time. Funny to think that last spring, we were hoping to open August 1, 2022. Now here we are, looking at February, 2023.

Always funny to think about how much things change.

So, February. Your friendly neighborhood caffeine dealers are moving into Westminster. What's that mean for the people in the neighborhood?


1. Better Coffee!

The closest coffee shop to the area is the Starbucks on Federal. We'll be the first (and only) specialty coffee shop in the area. While obviously great for business, that's also great for the neighborhood. We've seen so many of our great neighbors stop by to look through the door to see what we're up to, and we can't wait to invite you all in and share our coffee, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do.

2. Another Third Place

A "third place" according to Ray Oldenburg is the third place you frequent in your life. The First Place being home, the Second Place being work, and the Third Place is the place outside of those that you spend the most time at. While we don't presume to be the place where everyone spends all of their free time, we hope to be a great option for working from "home," spending time catching up with friends, or just a place to get out of the house and relax.

3. Events!

Starting with the small NYE party we threw for our friends a month ago, we'll be putting on more public events in the future. Our plan is to get a good event out each month - whether that's a party, a market-style event, maybe host some live music, Sunday brunch, etc. Events that will keep things fun and lively and interesting, and try to break the mold of your average neighborhood coffee shop.

If there's anything you guys want to see, let me know! We'd love to accommodate what we can, and any event ideas are always welcome so we know what you all want.

I can't wait to start meeting all of you. Stop in and say hi once we're open!